About us

Velpe Development bv is the successor of Vandervelpen Systems emz., founded in 2000 by Frank Vandervelpen.

Serve & Do bv is the R&D , consulting and advisory entity for the Food, Farming, Processing, Food Safety and Food Logistics industries.

Frank is graduated in the applied informatics. Since 1995, he is involved in multiple 'fresh produce' automation projects. The projects are situated in fruit, vegetables and wood industries.

In 2004, he has post-graduated in the e-security in Leuven.

Since then, we have automated many warehouses, pack houses, farms, logistics companies.

We have also been engaged as an advisor to other AGRI Supply Chain-projects in the traceability, logistics, food safety, process flows and warehousing industries.

We are member of the DataFlex Associates independent ambassadors for the DataFlex development environment.


Roadmap events 2023-2026.

In August, new elements added to our roadmap will be revealed.

T.E.S. 2023-2024. - Released (spring 2023)

We are collecting information for the upcoming TES-2023-2024 cycle. Send us an e-mail with your items and mention TES in the caption.

UX design, enhanced API (spring 2024)

Together with a redesign of the logo of our solution, we are also redesigning the cloud application for a touch interface.

RESTful implementation on our open API solutions.

Trainings / Sessions

- All trainings, sessions... can be helt by e-sessions during the pandemic

Early 2022

Limburg Area (Velpe Development) - Cancelled, on-line replacements can be held one-on-one

March 2021
Limburg Area (Velpe Development) - on-line summit


Feb, 2023 

Fruit Logistica, Berlin


Apr, 2022

Flex2B - Industry4.0 -v1

Summer 2023

Online launch event Flex2B 
New API's published

--- on-line --- 

Summer 2022

Online launch event Flex2B vs SAP4Hana

--- on-line ---